A downloadable game

It's about 24.99



About 2499.zip 13 MB


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2499/10  \o/

Aww... unfortunately it can't be played on Win32-bit; I am so eager to try it after all those great comment and its cute mascot :"(

2/10 :P


Oh my god! everyone please stop sucking his dick, the game is shit.


that's the joke my dude


Yeah, i know. I was just a bit jealous of his fame.

10/10 game of the year

Amazing game. For someone who literally just tweeted about learning Unity a few days ago, I have to say, it's a masterpiece. I'm featuring it on this weeks Wonder Rod Wednesday video.

But no, for realsies, Cry. Not bad. I didn't like Unity one effin bit. Even a simple game like this would have annoyed me to make. Still, if you ever want to make some complex stuff with a difficulty, I suggest looking into Unreal. I personally like it a lot more. Pretty easy to use, and there's a billion tutorials out there as well as one of the least toxic communities that are actually willing to help people.

Pretty good game

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10/10, Thanks Cry.

There comes a time in every young mans life when he plays a game that contains so much raw emotion that he has no choice but to break down crying...this isn't that game.


literally just made an account to say that i would rate this game 24.99 out of 10. \o/


Winner winner chicken dinner \0/

Game of the Year.

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My dinosaur of a laptop  can't run this incredibly magnificent game... But I promise you it's about 24.99.